"For freedom Christ has set us free" Galatians 5:1

Brooke. 23. Jesus. missionary. coffee. trees. mountains. breakfast. baking.

I'm learning what it looks like to be a women after God's own heart.

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My life is the best. That is all

Grand Canyon II ➾ Jayme Gordon
Grand Canyon II ➾ Jayme Gordon

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I love that half of my life is spent living in another country. I feel like the fullest version of myself. Not just when I’m traveling but even stateside because I know who I am, I know my purpose, & God is beautiful.

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if you ever get a chance I recommend viewing Vic Falls from the Zimbabwe side. It's much better!

My goal is to go one day! I come to Zambia every year, so maybe next year!

I am cruel, I am apathetic, I am broken, and I am always falling short; this is why I must point everyone I know to Christ, He is consistent in a world full of inconsistencies, He is faithful when all the world is unfaithful, and He is good when goodness cannot be found.
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